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Linen Rentals

If you are designing your wedding reception, party or other event, you may have already determined that linen rental is the way to go. As you consider which linens to rent, remember that every detail creates the atmosphere, or tone, for the event. This is especially important as you consider which linens are going to best suit your overall design. You can browse our wide selection of linens, but if you are having problems determining which linens are going to work best for your needs, one of our event specialists would be more than happy to discuss our linen choices with you.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed as you plan your event, we have some tips to make the planning a little easier for you! One of your first considerations will be determining the number of tables and chairs you will have at your event. This can help you envision how you would like the tables set up, and this will help you begin to get a picture in your mind of how you want the linens to help create the atmosphere you want to achieve. (Knowing the number of tables and chairs will also help you get an idea of what type of budget you need.)

And let’s think about that table for a moment. Your table covering is the backdrop, or foundation, for your overall table design. If you have gorgeous wooden tables that you want to showcase, you may decide on long table runners as your linen of choice. But if you are using standard rental tables, you will want to plan your table linens carefully in order to create the proper tone.

Once you know your budget, and have decided what type of linens you want, it is time to think about the overall color scheme as well as the theme that you want to create. This can help you narrow down the type of linen rental that will work for you. Now don’t get stressed at this point: this is where it gets fun! You may want to create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, in which case you may want to go with black and white linens and some gold accessories. Is a homey, farm-to-table type event in your future? Then you may want to think about burlap and wide ribbons with some rustic accessories. How about an all-white scheme: classic and clean, and it can be quite dramatic once you add in a statement floral centerpiece.

When you are considering your linen choices, you have many decisions to make. Is your table covering going to be a solid color, where you may want some sort of linen overlay? (This is where you could make a real impression with some lace!) Once you have decided on your colors and your theme, then it’s time to think about napkins. You may want to choose a coordinating color, but then again, it may be time to add that pop of color. Also think about how you would like the napkins presented. We’ve seen origami-folded napkins that make a real statement. There are many different elegant ways to fold the napkin so that it adds drama to each table setting. One popular idea is folding the napkin so it makes a pocket in which to tuck the menu inside.

What about your chairs? Are you going to go with the basic chair as is, or would you like to have all of the chairs encased in coordinating chair covers, tied back with a wide sash? This is where chair couture comes in. There are some amazing ways to cultivate a major design element into your chair décor. Maybe you envision a vintage lace-and-bead cover for the bride’s chair, or some other type of chair couture for the entire bridal party. Be sure to check out our photo gallery for ideas.

No matter what atmosphere you want to create, we have the linen rental that will help you create the perfect setting for your special event. Whether you are looking for chair covers or a linen overlay, classic solids or sparkly metallics, we have it all, and we’d love to help you find the best linens to suit your budget and timeline. We welcome your call today! You can also request a quote online.

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